The Division of Consumer Protection is your resource for important consumer information. In 2014, we strengthened our laws and dedicated resources to guard against scam artists and fraudulent companies seeking to take advantage of South Dakotans.

South Dakota has several laws that help protect consumers. Below are links to some of the laws our Division helps enforce.

SDCL 37-24 Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protection

SDCL 37-24.5.1-5.7 Door to Door Sales - Three Day Right to Cancel

SDCL 43-32 Lease of Real Property (Landlord-Tenant)

SDCL 21-16 Possession of Real Property (Eviction-Forcible Entry and Detainer)

SDCL 32-6D Motor Vehicles - Manufacturer's Warranty (Lemmon Laws)

SDCL 37-33 Pyramid Promotional Schemes

SDCL 37-32 Sweepstakes Prizes

SDCL 37-30A Telemarketing Law

SDCL 37-30 Telephone Solicitations - Charity

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